everyone who works has the right to full and fair payment

All over the world, employees and employers fight in court every day. Our goal is to get you proof of work so good that you won't have to go to court. And if you have to, XP App's evidence will help you win.


Minimum wage laws in many countries help ensure that workers are paid fairly per hour worked. But making sure that all hours worked are paid is something you have to do for yourself.

  • this app will help you get the salary you desire, because this app not only notes the working hours. With this app you will create a work log every day.

  • you note what you worked, where you worked and you can also take photos.

  • all this information is summarized in a work log.

  • on top of that, this app demonstrates how much money you can expect.

  • you manage your vacation and sick days in the app 

  • thanks to the cloud feature, no one can steal your data even if you lose your phone.


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Check out what you've earned up to now.

Not being paid or being paid only marginally is much worse than investing a minute in a work diary every day!


Uploade the time sheet from your phone and from the XP cloud.