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Going paperless is the fastest way to save time and money for all business

how long does it take to archive all the paper?

how many tons of paper you can save?

how much time can you save if you don't have to chase down the missing documents?

  • XP Work App System will save you time from the first day you use it

  • so easy to set up, no programming on your part

  • works on all smartphone, no need to buy additional devices

  • try it now for free, no credit card needed


XP WebAccess is the cloud for your
digital paper  


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Every document that users create with the XP Work app on their smartphone is
10 seconds later in XP Cloud and you can see it there.
The user of the application does not have to do anything, the transfer to the XP cloud starts automatically. More than 100 users can work with XP Work App System.
No credit card, no payment through the app store. Every company receives an invoice from us.