A great relief for everyone!

XP Work Doku App is the best app for mobile working time recording and digital creation of work reports in one step


What did your employee do at the customer 8 weeks ago? How do you answer this question if the employee cannot be reached on the phone, when he is on vacation or no longer works for you? With an easy-to-create digital job report, you are always in the picture.


The digital job report has other advantages for you:

  • Strengthen customer trust. Companies that send digital job reports to their customers receive an average of 25% more follow-up orders

  • Customers can remember you better, in each job report is your address

  • Complete, reliable proof of the work done every day

A great relief for everyone!


The XP Work Doku app creates a digital timesheet from the individual work reports.

On Friday, the employee can send his weekly hours to you with just one click.

You do not need new wage software for this!! The hourly report comes to you as a CSV file or as a PDF. Your advantages are:

• no more missing timesheets

• Employees who are on assembly always have their time recording in their pockets

• Recurring tasks can be created as a category, tick the box, done

• The job description is now always legible, no misunderstandings, no questions asked

• Used material can also be noted


You can easily see how much time the employee needed for each job. This is not possible at all with classic time recording using a time clock.

This app helps with controls

It is easier for the employee to prove his working hours. With the "Important documents" function, he has all the documents on his cell phone, such as a work permit, social security notification, forklift license, etc. These can be saved securely in the app.

• Meet the minimum wage documentation in accordance with the law

• Time recording for mini jobbers who work on demand

• Easier fulfillment of the obligation to record short-time work benefits


Test the app in full for free. No complicated installation or difficult integration into existing software. Register and get started!


XP Work App PDF Report


XP Work App time recording


smartphone app for facility manager

If you are a caretaker, you know how many tasks you have to do each day.

Know at the end of the day what you've done.

The owner would be very happy about a completed report.

Change lamps, read the electricity meter and water meter, document damage and garbage in the hallway.

Every report contain room number and name of the tenant. 

Watch the sample report here:


smartphone app for Transport Company

Transport company's use the app when driver pickup at warehouse to confirm waiting time and condition about the goods.

Especially at the Airport waiting time can be big, so you have a very good evidence for our client.

It save a lot of discussing with clients and we get a report on one paper only about:

  • conditions about the goods

  • waiting time

  • digital signed from the warehouse

Than we use it for drivers not enter the office as mobile time recording.

Watch sample Report here:

online pfd work report

app for subcontractors

You hire subcontractors and need credible time recording and work documentation? With our app, your subcontractors can record activities and times like their own employees and send them to you every day. So you always have an overview. With our app, you will have no problems with employing bogus self-employed.

app for workshops and mechanical engineering

For workshop and mechanical engineering or project orders, calculated work values ​​or industrial minutes are set here. How are you going to determine if these times are enough or if you make minus on an order? This is not possible with the pure time recording via time clock, since this only documents the presence of the employee, but not the work performed!

app for workers on construction sites

Construction workers drive directly from home to the construction site or live there. With this app, the daily work report comes to the office on the same day after the work ends.

There are many controls, particularly on the building site. If your hourly records are bad, you can quickly pay a heavy fine.

With this app, the worker always has his time sheet with him.

Here is a work report sample from an civil engineering company:



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