Welcome to the best App for your work time recording

Create a daily work report in less than 20 seconds. 

Earning money is the most important thing in your life and you don't have any notes of your own about it?

This is the only App brings real value to you. This app helps you to get 100% of your money! 

Watch the video with how to install and creat your first work report here:

What is the price for the XP Work Doku App?

There is no advertising in this App. We not sell your data. You can test it 30 days for free.

The price for the app is 1,99 USD per month for the Standard Package.

The price for the app and the XP Cloud is 2,99 USD per month for the Premium Package.

How do I pay?

You pay through the App Store. You pay in your home currency, with no additional fees.
As a company, you can purchase a license so that your employees can use the XP Work app free of charge.

What is the runtime?

You can terminate the rental agreement at any time. The term for single user subscriptions via the App Store is only 1 month.
Are you a company? Please request an offer using the contact form.

Where can I order?

Once you've installed the app, click Settings in the lower right corner. Then select Subscription.

Who can use the XP Work Doku App? 
This app is for everyone who needs a work report.
As an employee, you can perfectly demonstrate your work and hours worked.
As a company, you always know what employees have done. You have much better control over the work your employees did for you.


What are the biggest advantage: 

  • the app is so easy to use, you don't need any instructions  

  • all details about the work in one PDF including signature and taken pictures

  • the report is easy to share  

  • automatically display all up time

I can't log in, why?

This app is only for 1 phone. If you want to collect data from several other phones, send us an email for a business license.

Your XP Work account is linked to the phone that you registered for the first time. Whenever you try to sign in with a new phone, you will need to reset your account. It is not possible to use one account with more than one phone.

Whenever you have a new phone, you'll need to reset your IMEI number. Every smartphone has its own IMEI number. To reset the IMEI number in your XP Work account, click Restore IMEI under Forgot Password on your phone's login page.

What is XP Work WebAccess?

WebAccess is the name of our XP Work Cloud and Empoyee Mangament System.