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and thanks that you give us the chance to show you, how XP Work Doku App can improve the way how you document work.

There are a lot of competitors outside, so we really appreciate that you choose us.

Believe me, you take the best app you can get, it will worth every cent.


My name is Michael and I design the app. My idea was to bring all work Details in one place:

Create work report

That build more trust to your clients. In a short time you will see that you receive more follow up orders than ever before. This is the only App brings real value to your clients. Help you to make more money! 

You will get more recommendations, because clients you work for can easily share there work report with friends. Your full Company name and address is on every work report.

Create time report

Send the time report with 1 click to the office. This is a great feature. It safe you a lot of time! Click at the bottom on the clock symbol and you see a list with the total work time. The start time, the end time and the break from the work report automatically take over in the time report.

Important document

Never get in trouble again during a check. You can now easily prove the working time, but the app can do even more!

Here you can save all important documents such as work permits, business registration, even a photo of your ID card or driver's license. Your data is saved, is on your phone and stays there!

Watch the video with all functions here: https://youtu.be/5mMGZGFScog

The App is for free. You have now unlimited time to test it. Have fun!

All the best your Michael

What is the price for the XP Work Doku App?  How do I pay? What is the runtime?

The XP Work Doku App is lifetime free and can downloaded over your app store.

How many work report can I create per month? Where is my Data stored?

You can create so much reports you want. There is no limitation in creating work reports in our app. The report always contains the time you need for the job. The address where you did the job. The client or project name. If you take a break during your work, you can also add this information. The name of the worker. The work carried out. The material used. The pictures of your work as evidence. A signature.

Your data will be saved on your phone. We do not store any data and we do not grap any data. The data is your property. If you lose your phone, the data is lost. We recommend that all PDFs created on your phone are released in your cloud. That is very easy with XP App. Click on PDF and share.

Who can use the XP Work Doku App? What are the advantages against other work report apps?

This app is for everyone, who needs a job report.

As an employee, you can perfectly demonstrate your work and hours of work.

As a company, you always know what the employees did. You have much better control and  save time. 


The biggest advantage: 

  • the app is so easy to use, you don't need any instructions 

  • the app works offline too 

  • all details about the work in one PDF 

  • the Report is easy to share  

  • Automatically display all uptime even if you run multiple jobs on the same day

I can not login, why?


This app is only for 1 phone. The app is connected to the phone you first time registered. If you try to login with a new phone, send uns a email and we reset your account. It is not possible use one account with more than 1 phone.



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