there is no company that not can benefit from this app



XP Work WebAccess for connecting employees  

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If you choose XP Work Webaccess, your employees can use the XP Work app free of charge. No payment through the App Store.

  • connect 1 to 30 employees

  • a good investment for companies, cheap to buy

  • easy to use for all employees

  • no more missing work logs

  • start digitization without risk in your company

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Test Webaccess 30 days for free, register here:

facility manager

Different jobs every day. At the end of the day, know what you have done.

Send a full report to the condo owner. Replace lamps, read electricity meters and water meters, document damage and garbage in the hallway.

Every report has a tenant's room number and name. See sample report here:


Transport Company

Pickup at warehouse and confirm waiting time and condition about the goods. Very good evidence for you and your client.​

Use the XP Work App as mobile time recording for drivers not enter the office on regular basis. Watch sample Report here:

online pfd work report


You hire subcontractors and need credible time recording and work documentation? With our app, your subcontractors can record activities and times like their own employees and send them to you every day. So you always have an overview. With our app, you will have no problems with employing bogus self-employed.

construction sites

Construction workers drive directly from home to the construction site or live there. With this app, the daily work report comes to the office on the same day after the work ends.

There are many controls, particularly on the building site. If your hourly records are bad, you can quickly pay a heavy fine.

With this app, the worker always has his time sheet with him. Here is a work report sample from an civil engineering company: