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Paperless work documentation created by employees on their smartphones gives you much more control than paper-based work reports.


9 facts why it is worthwhile for your company to use the XP Work App

  1. you may have done a perfect job but can you prove it?

  2. create fast a digital document with signature and images in one step

  3. this system helps easier to archive and less time spent managing paperwork

  4. you get better and faster control if the work was done correctly

  5. the work reports created on the smartphone are automatically stored in the XP Cloud

  6. no matter where your employee is, you receive his report directly on your desk

  7. this is right tool for creating digital documents on every smartphone

  8. create a checklist in the app for your everyday work without programming

  9. you can start immediately, no integration with existing software necessary

Your employees use the XP Work app for free, without paying through the app store. You can connect up to 100 smartphones to the XP Cloud


XP Phone to Web.jpg

See here sample reports you can create with this application

online pfd work report
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