Checklists are important, but office workers get annoyed every day when they have to file hundreds of paper pages. With the XP Work App you can save this time and the digital XP checklists work like paper, only better, faster and cheaper.

If there's a proven way to go paperless, why not now?
Helping the environment and saving money, isn't that good business and a good feeling?


  • digital documents are easier to read and easier to archive

  • less time spent managing paperwork

  • better and faster control of whether the job is done

The XP Work App has the right digital checklist for every smartphone.

You creat the checklist for your everyday work without programming.

Only add the checkpoints you need to the work flow.

With the XP App you can include photos and one or two signature in your checklist.
And of course you can print the checklist if you want.



The XP Work App solution can digitize all types of paper checklists

Test XP Work App free for 30 days, risk free no credit card needed.

  • start directly, no expensive integration into your software necessary

  • easy to use for all employees

  • no more missing work logs, always good to read

  • start digitization without risk in your company

  • see the checklist in the XP Cloud one second after the employee has created it

Get you free test account here:

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