Trouble with your boss because you weren't paid for all the hours you worked?

an easy to use app is your solution to always get paid in full

This work time sheet app is much more than a time tracker. Only this app gives you the proof of work you need.
Is only a timesheet good enough to win in court?
What is the significance of a list with different times? None!


Pascal D.

seeing what money comes in at the end of the month is awesome


Fang T.

my boss got wide-eyed when I could say for each day what I had worked on and where

Job Work

Matthias F.

there were always hours missing from my paycheck. What I worked all for nothing, crazy

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There are many apps for tracking working hours. 9 facts why this app is the best for you:

  1. earning money is the most important thing in life and you don't have your own notes about it, is that really smart?

  2. this app create a daily work report. You can also add photos and a signature to the report as proof of work

  3. try the app free for 5 days with all the features

  4. enjoy a secure feeling. If you know exactly what you have worked, even if it was weeks ago, you will always look competent

  5. all work reports you create are blockchain secured and reside in your personal cloud too

  6. if you lost your smarthone or someone deleted the reports on it, no problem! Your working time report is in the cloud 1 second after creation

  7. view in the app how much you have earnd

  8. the calendar function in the app gives you a perfect overview of your vacation and sick days

  9. each work report you creat has its own document number and we can confirm the authenticity of the PDF upon request