Working time recording 2.0
Do you remember what you worked 8 weeks ago?
Create a digital job report on your smartphone, including:
  • working hours
  • used material
  • Photos of your work as evidence
  • the place where you worked
This app shows you:
  • a working hours overview on the phone
  • creates a PDF with all details and photos in a single document
The digital work report automatically generates the time recording.
The app is free! Download it today.

Jin T China


Letizia S. Brasil

Meu trabalho está seguro

Francesco R. Italy

Dimostro quello che ho lavorato

Pascal D. France

m'aide au travail

Fang T. Bangkok


Matthias F. Germany

Perfekt und einfach zu bedienen

the app also

works offline

more transparency for

the customer

simple and quick




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