Trouble with your boss?

You use many apps every day, but which app do you use for your income? This app records working hours AND work performance

85% of all employment lawyers and all unions recommend noting one's work performance on a daily basis. Is a timesheet alone good enough to win in court? What is the significance of a list of different times? None. You need more. This app gives it to you.


Pascal D.

This app gives me a secure feeling. And I can see how much money I have already earned.


Fang T.

I was always missing a few hours on my paycheck. Now I send the Excel list with my hours directly from the app to the office and get everything paid.

Job Work

Matthias F.

My boss was speechless when I could say what I worked on and where for each day. Now many colleagues use the XP app.

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There are many apps for tracking working hours. 8 facts why this app is the best for you:

  1. Earning money is the most important thing in life! Not having your own notes about the work you do, is that really smart?

  2. This app creates a daily work report including work and break times.

  3. Try the app with all features (without cloud access) for 3 days for free.

  4. Enjoy a really secure feeling. Knowing exactly what you worked on, even if it was weeks ago, always makes you look competent.

  5. The created work reports are blockchain secured and also reside in your personal cloud, which is already included in the app subscription.

  6. If you lost the smartphone or someone deleted the reports on it, no problem! The work report generated on the smartphone is additionally stored in your cloud one second after creation.

  7. XP Work Time App shows how much money has already been earned on an hourly basis.

  8. The calendar function in the app provides a perfect overview of vacation and sick days.